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Kurgan and the brutal warrior class

We just finalized the manuscripts for the Highlander Cinematic Adventure and there are some really fun game mechanics we plan to introduce. For this blog post, we're going to focus on the Brutal Warrior. Do you remember Kurgan?

He is an Immortal and the main antagonist to Connor MacLeod in Highlander, and the latter's ultimate opponent in the Gathering. He was a force of destruction, often ruthlessly hunting and slaughtering other immortals to gain immeasurable strength.

His signature style was "brutality" often using pure strength to overwhelm his opponents. We've translated this style of fighting into a class never seen before in 5e.


There has always been a place for brutal warriors on the battlefields of antiquity. With the pure strength to batter through the defenses of weaker combatants, the brutal warrior is an unstoppable force of destruction and mayhem, cutting down foes like a farmer cuts down grain.

The Brutal Warrior is a straightforward and effective melee combatant that deals additional damage with two-handed melee weapons whether they hit or miss. Brutal warriors are among the simplest classes to play in Everyday Heroes, dealing exceptional damage. Their weakness is a lack of versatility.


Brutal Style (Level 1). When making a melee attack with a two-handed weapon or a versatile weapon with two hands, you add your Brutality Dice to your weapon damage if you hit. If you are using power attack, double the number of Brutality Dice rolled. If you score a critical hit, you roll all your Brutality Dice twice (including the additional dice from power attack).

Drive Them Back (Level 3). After you have hit and done damage to an opponent with a melee attack, you can take a bonus action to automatically force them to move 5 feet away from your position provided there is space to move into.

Wear Them Down (Level 3). Trying to defend against your brutal assault takes a toll on your opponent. When you miss with a melee attack roll when wielding a two-handed weapon or when using a versatile weapon with two hands, but do not roll a critical miss, roll your Brutality Dice and deal that much damage to your opponent. Using Power Attack does not increase the number of Brutality Dice in this case. This damage is the same type as your weapon.

Advanced Combat Training (Level 5). Once during your turn, when you take the Attack action, you can make two attacks as part of that action.

Bloodlust (Level 7). If you have dropped an opponent to 0 hit points during your turn, you can take a bonus action to roll your Brutality Dice and gain that many temporary hit points.

No more Tricks (Level 7). You have advantage on all ability checks made to defend against special attacks such as Push, Trip, Disarm, and Grapple.

Killing Spree (Level 9). If you have dropped an opponent to 0 hit points during your turn, you can take a bonus action to make a melee attack during the same turn.

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