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pacific rim: Introducing Comet Hyperion

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Comet Hyperion

Bulk. 12 (max 6 + all pilots’ proficiency bonuses)

Neural Load. 3

Chassis. Heavy Jaeger

Energy Core. Energy Cell

Speed. 3 spaces

Defense. 16

Armor. AV 4


  • Thrust Kicker (integrated into right foot; 3 NL; 2 Bulk) 2d12 bludgeoning, PV 2, Melee

  • Anti-Kaiju Missile Launcher (non-mounted; 3 NL; 4 Bulk) 4d12 explosive, PV 4, range 8/16, radius 2, 2 uses

  • Y-11 Revolution Cannons (mounted on arms; 3 NL; 2 Bulk) 2d6 ballistic, PV 3, range 8/16, Light, Loud, Paired


  • Gravity Sling (1 NL; 1 Bulk)

  • You can pick up and throw improvised weapons with your gravity sling. When you do, you can pick up those weapons from up to 4 spaces away, it takes no action to pick them up, and their thrown range is doubled.

  • You can also topple buildings or other massive objects onto enemies, allowing you to make attacks with “Object” improvised weapons at a range of up to 8 spaces. This destroys the object, even if it is an “unbreakable” object.

  • X-211 Light Carbon Body Work (integrated into full body; 3 NL; 2 Bulk)

  • Your Defense is increased by 1. (Included above)

  • Foot Spikes (1 NL; 1 Bulk)

  • You have advantage on saving throws against being forcibly moved or knocked Prone.

Awkward. A heavy jaeger has disadvantage on Dexterity ability checks and Dexterity saving throws.

Bulky. A heavy jaeger cannot dive for cover.

Catalyst Enhancements. During Rainbow Serpent turn, the pilots of a Catalyst-enhanced jaeger can choose to activate a Catalyst benefit, gaining one of the following benefits:

  • Ionic Antiballistic Shields. The jaeger has special shields that can be activated to block attacks. Once before the jaeger’s next turn, when an attack its it, it can gain a +5 bonus to its Defense against that attack, potentially turning the hit into a miss.

  • Ionic Reinforced Musculature. The jaeger’s movement speed is increased by 2 spaces until the start of its next turn.

Momentum. When a heavy jaeger takes the Dash action, it must move in a straight line.

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