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Evil Genius Games and the French distributor Neoludis announced today that a French version of the Everyday Heroes brand will be produced and distributed in EU French-speaking markets.

In 2023, Evil Genius Games will release 9 roleplaying products including Everyday Heroes, the spiritual successor for d20 Modern, as well as several Cinematic Adventures based on iconic movies such as Rambo and Escape From New York.

“The many universes of the Everyday Heroes brand are known to everyone on the planet,” said Arnaud Bourez, CEO of Neoludis. “It will be great to see French-speaking players going through the Total Recall adventure or fighting Kaijus in the Pacific Rim setting!

The translation of the Everyday Heroes Core Rulebook is currently underway and is scheduled to be released in Q4, 2023. The Cinematic Adventures will quickly follow.

“This partnership is a great way to offer the French TTRPG communities a fresh take on the modern roleplaying game,” said D. Todd Scott, Owner of Evil Genius Games. “I think it's prophetic that our first 5 movie license deals were with StudioCanal, a french company.”

For Neoludis, this partnership presents an opportunity to grow the presence of the TTRPG market within the French-Speaking Markets. Stay tuned for more announcements, more teasers, and ultimately amazing books for an amazing time with your friends.

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