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Everyday Heroes

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inspired by d20 Modern 
made for 5e

This 400+ page hardbound book will give you all you need to run modern-day adventures.

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New features

Core Rulebook includes

  •  6 Base Classes
  • 18 Classes
  • 50+ Professions
  • 50+ Backgrounds
  • 100+ Feats
  • Expanded Firearm Rules
  • Updated Wealth System
  • Revised Chase Rules
  • New Armor and Cover Rules 

The Armory Sourcebook

The Armory Guide will be the definitive guide to weapons and equipment featuring over 500 unique items.

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Military Heroes Expansion

The Military Guide will be the definitive guide to creating military-based characters and running military campaigns.

The garage Sourcebook

The Garage will be the definitive guide to vehicles, featuring over 200 motorcycles, cars, boats, and aircraft.

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