Why We Exist

Have you ever sat in a movie theater and found yourself yelling at the screen? ​


“Stop talking and disarm the bomb already!”​

“Don’t go in there! HEEEEE’S in there!”​

“Why are you running UP the stairs? You’re going to get trapped!”

Well, that is what we do every time we head to the theater. We’re a bunch of film geeks who love playing dungeons and dragons. So we thought it was a great idea to mash our two loves together and create role-playing games based on those very movies. This way, we can make the right decisions, save the world, and be home for dinner.

It Began with d20 Modern

Our inspiration

The core elements of Everyday Heroes™ are based on the Open Gaming License (OGL) for d20 Modern, released in the 2002. d20 Modern was one of the first role-playing games set in the modern era. The core rulebook was quickly followed up by a series of expansions including d20 Future, d20 Past, and d20 Apocalypse. The rules were expanded with a series of sourcebooks including Urban Arcana, Weapons Locker, Menace Manual, and Future Tech. ​


Have you ever written something and read it again a few years later? You might say to yourself. “Man, I would have probably done that differently. Well, there is no coincidence that many of the designers of Everyday HeroesTM are the same designers who created d20 Modern. This is their shot to take the work that they love and make it even better.