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Introducing Everyday Heroes

A roleplaying game for the Modern World

Introducing Everyday Heroes
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Everyday Heroes

Everyday Heroes is the ultimate modern-day roleplaying game system. This unique system gives you all the rules and mechanics you need to run adventures in the modern day. 

Purchase the game on our website, drive-thru or at your Friendly Local Game Store.

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Quickstart Guide

download the free
quickstart guide

Not convinced yet? Explore the

system before you buy.

Download the free
the lookbook

check out all 18 classes and learn the backstories of iconic heroes.

presenting the 2023 cinematic adventures

Fight immortals through time, pilot jaegers, get your mind wiped and more...

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gen con TV

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Watch GM superdillin lead CEO peter Adkison and his party through an actual play on gencon tv

Good Time Society

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Watch NO MERCY - an Everyday Heroes Two-Shot with Vana, Stella, Kat, and Becca Scott

“I'm so excited about this”

- Justin M.

Don’t listen to us, hear was over 600+ playtesters had to say about the game.


- Josh A.

“Shut up and take
my money!”

-Josh R.

“I will be 100% backing this”

- Anthony T.

“Love the art”

- Tyler S.

“As a fan of d20 Modern,
I love this idea. ”

- Dave E.

“I always felt that d20 modern had so much more to give. ”

- Jason M. B.

“I can't wait till this hits the stores!!!!!”

- John M.

“Everyday Heroes takes 5E to the next level in fun and gaming possibilities.”

- Marx P.

“Finally an adaptation of 5e that feels uniquely modern.”

- Brady G.

“The system is intuitive, and the action quick and engaging.”

- The Old Dragon

“Lots of improvements over the old one, and does some fantastic things with the new 5e mechanics”

- Dwayne B.

“I am seriously pumped for this.”

- Doctor Futurity

“I am beyond ecstatic that you're

building Everyday Heroes.”

- Ryan S.

If you liked the original, you will definitely like this modernized remake!

- Kyle R.

“Everyday Heroes looks like it will give me exactly what I've been craving for.”

- MrJupiter

“Hah! Awesome preview
of an exciting product!”

- robertscribbler

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